Zamboni Ice Resurfacers

Featuring gasoline, propane, or battery power

Zamboni Options and Accessories

Zamboni offers a wide range of options and accessories designed to enhance the performance of your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer.

(Many of these options can be retrofitted to an existing machine.)

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Zamboni Authentic Parts

J&C Ice Technologies stocks Zamboni Authentic parts with most orders shipping the same day.

Zamboni Ice Resurfacer

J&C Ice Technologies, Inc. is the Mid-Atlantic Zamboni Distributor

It's Back! - The Conditioner Maintenance Video

The Frank J. Zamboni Company has started to reproduce the Conditioner Maintenace video on DVD. This is an excellent resource on how to keep your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer's conditioner in tip-top shape for optimal performance.

Conti Blade Changing Assistant

The Conti Blade Changing Assistant enables the operator to ensure a safe, quick and easy blade changing procedure.

Authorized Zamboni Service

Have your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer repaired by the only factory authorized technicians in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Laser Level Ice System

Save money and time with the laser Level Ice System. Your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer will the ice surface perfectly level and at the depth you want.

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Options and Accessories

Below is a listing of the available options and accessories for new Zamboni Ice Resurfacers from the Frank J. Zamboni Company.


New Option - Zamboni Connect System

Zamboni Connect System

Harness the power of intelligence onboard your machine. Use predictive maintenance to prevent downtime and to extend the life of your resurfacer. Diagnostics and historical data from your fuel-powered machine’s engine or your electric-powered machine’s battery, motors and controls give your team the insight it needs to maintain a busy rink schedule. The ice business is notoriously difficult with high costs related to equipment maintenance and utilities being an ever-present challenge. The ability to monitor energy and water consumption and other variables during resurfacing provides a new vantage point to save valuable resources and improve your bottom line.

For more information or to view a video demonstration of the Connect system, please Click Here.

New Option - Integrated Auger Washout

Zamboni Auger Cleanout

Made with corrosion-resistant brass, stainless and aluminum parts, the Integrated Auger Washout System™ is built to stand the test of time, providing a safer and more efficient process.

The system is available on ALL new full sized resurfacers and can be purchased as a kit to install on any existing 500 Series machine.

Power Board Brush

Zamboni Power Board Brush

The unique design allows the brush to clean higher on the dasher board kick plate providing targeted cleaning and dramatically improved results.

Automatic Snow Breaker

Zamboni Auto Snow Breaker

Automates the manual task, providing a continually clear snow conveyance path between the horizontal and vertical augers.

Advanced Watering System

Zamboni Advanced Watering System

Regulates the amount of water dispensed onto the ice relative to the machine speed for an efficient and even application.

Elec. Water Level Sight Gauge

Zamboni Electronic Water Level Sight Gauge

The electric water level gauge provides accurate and real-time information at a glance to evaluate ice making water tank levels.

Galvanized Conditioner

Zamboni Galvanized Conditioner

The galvanized conditioner affords additional corrosion resistance in the harsh environment the machine will call home.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Zamboni Hydraulic Oil Cool

The hydraulic oil cooler kit keeps your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer running at peak performance even in heavy use conditions.

Snow Tank Light

Zamboni Snow Tank Light

An amber LED light to illuminate the interior of the snow tank compartment to provide the operator better visibility while monitoring the snow tank capacity during resurfacing.

Stainless Water Discharge

Zamboni Stainless Steel Ice Making Water Discharge

The stainless steel water distribution pipe affords additional corrosion resistance in the harsh environment the machine will call home.

Non-Stick Snow Tank Liner

Zamboni Snow Tank Liner

Non-stick Poly liner for the bottom of the snow tank.

Single Point Battery Watering

Zamboni Single Point Battery Watering System

This battery watering system makes the difficult task of watering your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer's batteries a breeze. Once connected to a water supply, water flows into each cell until it reaches the correct level.

Want to add one or more of these to an existing machine?

Many of these options can be added to existing machines in the field. Please contact J&C Ice Technologies at or 973-584-0071 to discuss how these options can enhance your current Zamboni Ice Resurfacer.

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