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Zamboni Ice Resurfacer Parts

J&C offers replacement parts to keep your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer in peak performance.

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Zamboni Authentic Parts

J&C Ice Technologies stocks Zamboni Authentic parts with most orders shipping the same day.

Zamboni Ice Resurfacer

J&C Ice Technologies, Inc. is the Mid-Atlantic Zamboni Distributor

It's Back! - The Conditioner Maintenance Video

The Frank J. Zamboni Company has started to reproduce the Conditioner Maintenace video on DVD. This is an excellent resource on how to keep your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer's conditioner in tip-top shape for optimal performance.

Conti Blade Changing Assistant

The Conti Blade Changing Assistant enables the operator to ensure a safe, quick and easy blade changing procedure.

Authorized Zamboni Service

Have your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer repaired by the only factory authorized technicians in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Laser Level Ice System

Save money and time with the laser Level Ice System. Your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer will the ice surface perfectly level and at the depth you want.

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Replacement Parts

J&C has an extensive parts inventory for quick delivery of replacement parts for all models of Zamboni Ice Resurfacers.

To request a parts quote, please contact us at 973-584-0071, fax us at 973-584-6948 or email info@jandcice.com .

NEW - Zamboni now has the Model 500, 552, 545, 546 and Model 560AC parts lists and operating instructions available in pdf format. Contact us today to order a CD.

Recommended Spare Parts

J&C recommends a rink keep the following spare parts on the shelf for quick repairs

  • Towel & Towel Bolts (17 for most machines)
  • Blade Bolts (10 for most machines)
  • Board Brush
  • WW Pump Impeller
  • Squeegee
  • Air Filter
  • Engine Oil Filter
  • Spark Plugs (Model HDB, 500 and 540)
  • Ignition wires (Model HDB, 500 and 540)
  • Cap (Model HDB, 500 and 540)
  • Rotor (Model HDB, 500 and 540)
  • Horizontal Auger Chain
  • Wash Water Belt
  • Horizontal and Vertical Auger Bearings
  • IMW/WW Ball valve
  • Snow Breaker Spring
  • Lockoff/Converter rebuild kit (LP machines only)

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