Zamboni Ice Resurfacers

Featuring gasoline, propane, or battery power

Indoor Air Quality

J&C offers electronic and manual indoor air quality testing devices to keep your customers and employees safe.

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Zamboni Authentic Parts

J&C Ice Technologies stocks Zamboni Authentic parts with most orders shipping the same day.

Zamboni Ice Resurfacer

J&C Ice Technologies, Inc. is the Mid-Atlantic Zamboni Distributor

It's Back! - The Conditioner Maintenance Video

The Frank J. Zamboni Company has started to reproduce the Conditioner Maintenace video on DVD. This is an excellent resource on how to keep your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer's conditioner in tip-top shape for optimal performance.

Conti Blade Changing Assistant

The Conti Blade Changing Assistant enables the operator to ensure a safe, quick and easy blade changing procedure.

Authorized Zamboni Service

Have your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer repaired by the only factory authorized technicians in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Laser Level Ice System

Save money and time with the laser Level Ice System. Your Zamboni Ice Resurfacer will the ice surface perfectly level and at the depth you want.

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Air Testing

With many states introducing indoor air quality legislation (New Jersey included), stay ahead of the game and make sure you have handheld testing devices in your possession. It is not just good enough to take readings - all readings must be recorded and saved for future reference.

Electronic Testing

Portable V!SA gas detection unit from GMI allows a rink to instantly test the air quality at their facility. The V!SA gas detector

Unit Includes:

  • Handheld detector with carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide sensors
  • Fully programmable alarm set points, sensor configurations and all operating functions
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • On-board data logging for data management and event logging (software/cables sold separately)

Calibration kits and replacement test gasses are also available.

Manual Test Kit

J&C Ice Technologies has put together an easy to use/maintenance free kit for you to the air quality at your rink.  No calibration necessary - simply break both ends of the tube, draw air with pump, read the color change on the tube.  Accurate results each and every time.

Test Kit Features:

  • SENSIDYNE Pump Kit
  • 3 Boxes Carbon Monoxide Tubes (10 per box)
  • 3 Boxes Nitrogen Dioxide Tubes (10 per box)
  • Test Data Log for Record Keeping
  • Laminated Hazard Level Card
  • Deluxe Pelican Carry Case

Replacement tubes are also available.




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